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 Here will list some useful tutorials for BLUG. Here will list some useful tutorials for BLUG.
-  * [[docs:tls_configuration|TLS Configuration]] (by Biergaizi)+  * [[docs:tls_configuration|TLS Configuration]] (by biergaizi)
   * [[docs:coreboot|Brief introduction of coreboot]] (by vimacs)   * [[docs:coreboot|Brief introduction of coreboot]] (by vimacs)
   * [[|XMPP Basic Tutorial(zh)]]   * [[|XMPP Basic Tutorial(zh)]]
   * [[|OTR Senior Tutorial for XMPP(zh)]]   * [[|OTR Senior Tutorial for XMPP(zh)]]
 +  * [[docs:wifi|Explanation of Various Parameters in a 802.11 Wireless AP (by biergaizi)]]
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