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 +====== BLUG Box ======
 +The vanilla firmwares of Chinese-manufactured wireless router are usually ill in performance of wireless network, without an ability to hold more than 20 clients, even those TP-Link ones using atheros wlan card do, that is to say, after the firmware of a proper router is replaced with [[|OpenWrt]] or [[|LibreCMC]], they can hold tens of clients.
 +Sadly, most of the managers of our meeting place lack the hacker spirit to replace the firmware of their access points, that is to say, the "QOS" of the wifi in our meeting place can be very poor if we directly connect our devices to APs of the meeting place, and the key is the number of clients. So We can use a wireless router with two wlan cards to build the "blugbox", which use one wlan card as **one** client to connect to the AP of the meeting place, and the other wlan card as an AP to accept the connections of our devices.
 +Now the blugbox is a [[|TL-WR720N rev3(CN)]] running OpenWrt 15.05, with a [[|Netgear WNDA3100v1]] as the second wlan card, all provided by Persmule.
 +When we meet (and Persmule is present), you can connect to it with info below:
 +  * ESSID: blugbox
 +  * WPA2-PSK: freeasinfreedom
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