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Code of Conduct


"Red tape"

  • Beijing GNU/Linux User Group is an interest group composed of GNU/Linux hobbyists, professionals and new comers and is a place where members share their experience and knowledge.
  • Everybody is welcome to be a member of BLUG without regard to nationality, gender, color, race, religion, language or any other affiliations, political or otherwise.
  • When the group meets, Linux and technology relating to Linux is the ONLY NOT the only thing discussed. Any other topics are welcome. This also applies to the BBS located on our site or any mailing list that originates from within the group.
  • BLUG is a non-profit organization.
  • BLUG is not bound to any company vendor or specific Linux Distributor. However, we do depend on companies with an interest in the group to support event locations and website host/domains.
  • The group meets on the Tuesday of every week at 7pm. The location may vary, so please contact us
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