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Shared Hardware & Tools

This page lists some hardware and tools available for sharing during a Hacking for Fun or other BLUG events. If you need to use any of these tools or hardware, you can attend to BLUG events and we can provide them during an event.

Please note, most of these tools and hardware are not directly donated to BLUG but still belong their owners. You should ask their owners to bring the equipment in BLUG chat group before the event starts.


Type Model Owner / Donated by Where it is
Phone Nokia n900 persmule persmule
Laptop Thinkpad x200 rliang mytbk
Laptop Thinkpad T420 eMBee
5 LaptopsOLPC XO-1 eMBee


Type Owner / Shared by Where it is Comments
Electronic Soldering System persmule, biergaizi, tonghuix suse(?), biergaizi, tonghuix
Hot Air Soldering Station biergaizi biergaizi
Analog Multimeter biergaizi biergaizi cheap meter
Digital Multimeter biergaizi biergaizi cheap meter, no TrueRMS (RMS is a value of measurement, not a hacker!)
Digital Oscilloscope biergaizi biergaizi Tek, 100 MHz
STM32 programmer, hardware, not human ;-) biergaizi biergaizi
Various Electronic Components biergaizi biergaizi capacitors, inductors, resistors, crystal oscillators, AVR microchips, seven-segments displays, breadboards, polyfuses, and many more… you may want to contact biergaizi if you need some parts for a project or a repair
BeagleBone Black persmule persmule
Ch341a and programming clips persmule persmule
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