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Apply a BLUG membership

  • To apply a BLUG membership read following documents first:

Add your OpenPGP Public key information here, if you already upload your public key to keyservers, paste output of command gpg –list-keys –fingerprint <your keyID or your email>.

Or you can submit your Public Key directly if you don't send you key to the keyservers, just paste the output of command gpg –export –armor <your keyID or your email>

Examples here:

$ gpg --list-keys --fingerprint <your keyID or your email>
pub   rsa4096 2016-12-05 [SC]
      1122 3344 5566 7788 9900  AABB CCDD EEFF ABAB CDEF  <-- Here is your key's fingerprint
uid              Your Name <>
sub   rsa4096 2016-12-05 [E]

$ gpg --export --armor <your keyID or your email>


Apply your membership now!

Register a wiki account first, and then login here to finish your membership application.
Check your key before submit

BLUG will consider the OpenPGP key which meets the following criteria is valid:

  • Name in the key is identical with your ID card name (or passport, student card, driver license),Pinyin name or English name also allowed. Pseudoname is acceptable per private arrangement.
  • Email in the key should be your common use mail box (for general purpose), a spam email is not accepted.
  • The key should be generated using RSA or ECC algorithm.
  • Key length should be 2048 bits at minimum, 4096 bits is strong recommended! If you're using ECC, Ed25519 is the best choice, we discourage you from using NIST ECC curves.
  • The key should be generated more than one mouth before you applying your BLUG membership.

Add your OpenPGP public key information here, AND come to our off-line event with ID card. BLUG maintainers will sign your key at the event face to face.

Submit your OpenPGP key info
Upload public key

Only edit this fieldset if “...Or submit your public key directly?” is set.

If you can't read the letters on the image, download this .wav file to get them read to you.

New members added in 2017

Let's welcome these new BLUG members!
  • <add here>
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