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This is the BLUG Wiki home page. So far we've been using a wiki to track and report on our projects and we're starting to use it for the newly created groups and give those people a space easily manageable on the site.

The GNU Operating System Hacker Emblem

Contents and Guide

You can use the Wiki Menu on the left side to navigate through the main sections of the wiki. Then each section will have sub-sections directly linked from within the page. Also give a try to the Sitemap link at the top of the page to find out hidden pages by navigating all the namespaces.

  • To learn about BLUG's events or submit candidate place for BLUG Tuesdays. Please go to BLUG Tuesday page.
  • To join in a project or help BLUG please see topics under left side Project section.
  • To find Respect Your Freedom devices, please go to Devices Suggestions page.
  • For donated devices (laptop, phone, board, etc.), are recorded at Donated Devices.
  • To review or add a new friendly GNU/Linux User Group, please go to GNU/Linux User Groups, other FOSS communities located at Other FOSS communities.
  • To check money donation please refer to Donations.


If you want to edit this wiki, you have to ask edit/modify/create/upload permission. You can ask permission via IRC or our offline events.

Not sure how to start? Well you should take a look at the DokuWiki syntax here as well as edit existing pages and see how the Finally you can also ask either on our mailing lists or join us on IRC on the #chinalug channel and ask questions.

Good luck and happy Wiki!

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