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Beijing GNU/Linux User Group Canary (1/3)

Archives of historical canaries can be found at:

If you are using Tor, please check the canary documents from the clearnet domain instead of Tor hidden service, since the links within the messages are modified to “.onion” and invalidate PGP signatures. Or go to GitHub archives from the link above.

Hash: SHA512


Issued for July 2019.

Don't just trust the contents of this file blindly! Verify the
digital signatures! Also, make sure the keys are correct!


* biergaizi: 0xFAD3EB05E88E8D6D
* persmule : 0x2987A25DAC8454A5
* wnereiz  : 0xFDFF2E13AA25BE72


You should verify all signatures from each of the maintainers, the next
one is located at:


It is possible that the signatures are not updated at the same time,
but eventually all canary documents should be consistent, signed and updated
by all current maintainers of Beijing GNU/Linux User Group in a short time.


1. All our infrastructure is in our control, the integrity of our
entire system is sound.

2. We have not been compromised or suffered a recent data breach,
to our best knowledge.

3. We have not disclosed any private encryption keys.

4. We have not been forced to modify our system to allow access or
information leakage to a third party.

5. We haven't received any specific orders, requests or recommendations
from any authorities, whether formal or informal.

6. We have not received any court orders, gag orders, or other similar
orders from the government of the People's Republic of China.

7. We have not received any government subpoenas.

8. Our personal safety and security is not threatened.

9. To avoid security breaches and emphasize the clarity of the warrent canary
documents, if a signer is temporarily unavailable, only existing signers in the
"Signer" list SHALL sign a special placeholder notice (this notice itself SHOULD
NOT be considered a valid canary document) until the signer becomes available
again and signs the missed documents. A new signer SHOULD NOT sign a warrent
canary document only due to the temporary unavailability of a existing signer.

10. We plan to publish the next of these canary statements in the first three
weeks of August 2019. Special note should be taken if no new canary is published
by that time or if the list of statements changes without plausible explanation.

Special Announcements

1. Due to personal reasons, wnereiz (0xFDFF2E13AA25BE72) was not available and
couldn't sign the warrent canary before the end of June 2019.

2. We determined that this was not a result of any incident. All statements of
the warrent canary documents are still valid. Furthermore, wnereiz will continue
to sign the canary documents in the future.

3. We determined that the decision of asking vimacs (0xEA2DB82FE04A9403) to
replace wnereiz and sign a substitution of the canary document was flawed. This
decision is thus revoked.

4. To avoid future incidents, we have amended the procedure on signing warrant
canary documents, and added a new Statement to prevent similar issues.

5. The previous warrent canary documents issued for July 2019 are revoked. Only
this version is valid.

Proof of Freshness

$ rsstail -1 -n5 -N -u
 Home Secretary is urged to launch independent inquiry into Scotland Yard following Operation Midland scandal
 Scientists decode brain speech signals into text in breakthrough for patients with severe disabilities
 Bruce Lee's daughter accuses Quentin Tarantino of unfair 'caricature' of father
 India launches murder inquiry after minister's rape accuser is hurt in lorry crash that killed her aunts
 US pressures Germany to send warships to Persian Gulf

$ rsstail -1 -n5 -N -u
 China Says Most Muslims Have Been Released From Camps. Others Say: Prove It.
 They Survived Colonization and War. But Venezuelas Collapse Was Too Much.
 Body of Concertgoer Found in France Fuels Anger Over Use of Force
 Hong Kong Charges Dozens of Protesters With Rioting
 Chinese Nationalists Bring Threat of Violence to Australia Universities

$ date -R -u
Tue, 30 Jul 2019 19:03:07 +0000

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