2019-12-21 @ 16:00 – 21:00 Asia/Shanghai Timezone
起司家(东四店)Cheese Home
北京市东城区东四北大街 257 号,最近公交站为魏家胡同 No.257
Dongsi North Street, Dongcheng District
Beijing. Nearest bus stops are Weijia Hutong

It’s our 16th birthday. we took longer to get ready because we wanted to find a good location.

It will be a new place for BLUG. The party will start from 19:00, but we have a hackerfest event before that (since 16:00). It is quite like a “Hacking for Fun”, but there are more people participate as well as more devices for hacking. So if you want to join us, don’t hesitate to take your laptop/board/chip/cool mechanical keyboard …

For the evening’s party. We’ll prepare a birthday cake. And of course, as the tradition, “beer+chuanr(烤串)+games” are must have programs. Remember, what you need is to prepare your stomach, and a happy heart ;). If you feel not enough, we prepare a “after party” nearby to enjoy more alcohol and more fun.

We collect donations at the event. It’s not the must but greatly appreciated, for it will helpful on more foods and drinks.

Consider this party as a carnival for hackers, GNUers, geeks, nerds, engineers, children at a loss …

  • Time for hack event: 4:00 PM
  • Time for the party: 7:00 PM
  • Time for the after party: 9:00 PM
  • Contacts when get lost:
    • XMPP/Jabber: persmule@jabber.cat, nadebula@blug.moe,
    • IRC: #chinalug at irc.freenode.net


BLUG 16th Anniversary Party 2019 and Hackerfest!