BLUG is not only a Linux User Group, but also a GNU User Group. So we should use and promote Free Software and free contact solution exclusively.


Thus, we use and promote XMPP/Jabber for our daily use. You could find a public XMPP/Jabber service here. Our server also provide XMPP/Jabber service publicly, you can register via your XMPP/Jabber clients, give the server name

Then welcome you come to our event find friends that using XMPP/Jabber as their daily use replace proprietary instants messaging softwares.

Here is a Chinese version Quick Start (快速上手指南) for XMPP/Jabber.


Also, you can join our group chat via IRC. You can use a IRC client or webIRC below.

Port: 6697 with SSL enable, or 7001
Channel: #chinalug
Nickname: any as you like

We welcome everyone join in, and if you use a XMPP/Jabber client, you could add friend and follow instruction inside, it will sync IRC chat to your XMPP client.

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