BLUG membership are all free (free as in freedom and free as free beer ). Anyone who outside of our WoT could not be consider as a “BLUG member”. But it is unnecessary to be a BLUG member if you want to:

  • Participate any off-line events
  • Join in our mailling list
  • Chat in our IRC channel (include sync services)
  • Participate exist FLOSS projects
  • Edit wiki pages

However, as a BLUG member:

  • Will be part of our WoT (Web of Trust) network which connecting to most famous Free Software advocating network
  • Join in Membership chat room to fetch latest news
  • Create wiki pages and upload files to BLUG wiki
  • Authorized to organize activities/mini-events, start new projects in the name of Beijing GNU/Linux User Group
  • Opportunity to become one of BLUG maintainers in the future.