2020-02-25 @ 19:00 – 21:15 Asia/Shanghai Timezone
鉴于目前的疫情形势和餐馆普遍拒绝堂食,blug 暂停举办线下聚会。Due to coronvirus outbreak and restaurants extensively reject clients' staying, blug suspends holding offline meetings

BLUG Tuesday is happened in a Tuesday evening when there is no any other BLUG events. The BLUGers just only want to meet and chat.

If you suddenly have an idea and want to share during chatting, a lightning talk is welcome. Learn More!

  • Traffic: 北京市海淀区学院南路35号,四道口路口(学院南路与四道口路的交点)西北角,超市发旁
    Near a Chaoshifa, Northwest of Sidaokou (the cross between Sidaokou road and Xueyuan South road), No.35, Xueyuan South Road, Haidian district, beijing
  • Tel: 18810811913
BLUG Tuesday – Joy Beans Sidaokou