2020-05-16 @ 14:00 – 18:45 Asia/Shanghai Timezone
红领巾公园 Honglingjin Park
红领巾公园南门 South Gate of Honglingjin Park

Hacking for Fun” (乐码周末) is a group event held every third (which may vary) Saturday of the month. BLUG members are invited to come in and work on their own personal projects, to seek help or to help others.

But since it is hard to hold event indoors now, we are going to hold it outdoors this time. Although we may be unable to do hacking this way, we can treat our body by embracing the nature.


To get an idea what kind of projects people work on at Coding for Fun. Following are what projects we working on at past “Hacking for Fun” events.

Please take your laptop if possible, although for an outdoor event.

  • Traffic:红领巾公园南门,朝阳北路上的红领巾公园站 South Gate of Honglingjin Park,Honglingjin Park station on the Chaoyang North Road
Embracing Nature – May