2020-02-22 @ 14:00 – 18:45 Asia/Shanghai Timezone
鉴于目前的疫情形势和餐馆普遍拒绝堂食,blug 暂停举办线下聚会。Due to coronvirus outbreak and restaurants extensively reject clients' staying, blug suspends holding offline meetings

Hacking for Fun” (乐码周末) is a group event held every third (which may vary) Saturday of the month. BLUG members are invited to come in and work on their own personal projects, to seek help or to help others.

To get an idea what kind of projects people work on at Coding for Fun. Following are what projects we working on at past “Hacking for Fun” events.

Please take your laptop, and some plug-in pads is needed.

Location changed for the original bar is closed for coming festival.

Hacking for Fun – February