2017-02-25 @ 14:00 – 18:00 Asia/Shanghai Timezone
SUSE Beijing Office
北京财富中心3603 (Beijing Fortune Center Tower A 3603)

Last time, Biergaizi given us a talk about HTTPS and TLS for more security web browser and web server. This time we will meet again to learn how to use OpenPGP and join in Web of Trust (WoT) of BLUG.

Further more, if you don’t know how to use XMPP and join in our daily “flow” chat, we will teach you how to use XMPP with encrypted chat method.

Don’t forget take your laptop to attend this event!

Hacking-for-fun (乐码周末) is open to anyone interested in sharing and learning with Free Software. BLUG membership is not required. Don’t forget taking your laptop!

乐码周末活动面向所有人开放,无论是否为 BLUG 成员均可参加。我们将在这里学习和分享自由软件。记得带上您的笔记本电脑哦!

Also, we welcome you join the event and share your project(s) too!

  • Address: 北京财富中心3603, Beijing Fortune Center Tower A, 3603
  • Map: OpenStreetMap
  • Subway: Exit D, JinTaiXiZhao station, Line 10 十号线金台夕照站D出口
Hacking for Fun – Cryptoparty Course 2