Finally, here comes the annually birthday party – which we all have expected for nearly whole year. This event is open to all, not only BLUGer, but also any interesting people.

We decide to hold the event at 啡域咖啡 (located in San Li Tun) this year. It is a new place for BLUG. The party will start from 19:00, but we have a hackerfest event before that (from 16:00). It is quite like a “Hacking for Fun”, but there are more people participate as well as more devices for hacking. So if you want to join us, don’t hesitate to take your laptop/board/chip/cool mechanical keyboard …

For the evening’s party. We’ll prepare a birthday cake. And of course, as the tradition, “beer+chuanr(烤串)+games” are must have programs. Remember, what you need is to prepare your stomach, and a happy heart ;). If you feel not enough, we prepare a “after party” nearby to enjoy more alcohol and more fun.

We collect donations at the event. It’s not the must but greatly appreciated, for it will helpful on more foods and drinks.

Donation Plan

  • At least CNY 50, for students and self-employees, will get a sticker
  • CNY100 to 200 will get a book of “Free Software, Free Society” (with sticker)
  • More than CNY 200 will get a BLUG T-shirt and a book of “Free Software, Free Society”(with sticker)

Consider this party as a carnival for hackers, GNUers, geeks, nerds, engineers, children at a loss …

If you want to participate this event, please check detail and register below.

BLUG 14th Anniversary Party 2016 and Hackerfest!

BLUG 14th Anniversary Party 2016 and Hackerfest!